Local fat deposits can be reliably and painlessly removed!

Permanent and painless fat cell reduction for the stomach, hips, butt, legs, upper arms, etc. via cooling treatment and removal of dead fat cells through the lymphatic system.

In addition to classic lipoplasty (liposuction), cryolipolysis is the only reliable, non-invasive procedure that permanently reduces fat cells. And that without surgery, without pain and without recovery time after just 3 treatments of 45 to 60 minutes per area.

When diet and exercise don’t help, you can rely on cryolipolysis!

The tissue-cooling technology to selectively eliminate fat cells without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue is based on the fact that fat cells are more sensitive to cold stimuli than other tissue structures. Safe treatment devices with integrated cooling plates that do not require direct skin contact guarantee no injuries (frostbite) and the highest cooling efficiency. Integrated red LEDs provide additional stimulation of blood circulation. The individual treatment of areas with up to 3 different treatment tool sizes guarantees the best results. Weekly, painless follow-up treatments with radial acoustic waves guarantee that the dead fat cells are eliminated from the problem areas. The natural elimination process takes 8-12 weeks, after which a visible reduction of the fat layer is achieved.

Guaranteed fat reduction without surgery or pain!

Cryolipolysis is ideal for healthy people with normal eating and exercise habits who have relatively small local fat deposits that cannot be reduced through diet and exercise alone.

For obese people seeking weight reduction, cryolipolysis is not very suitable. The treatment’s purpose is the local reduction of fat cells in specific problem areas, without pain, without risks and without recovery time (lunch treatment).


Cryolipolysis is based on the principle that fat cells are more sensitive to a drop in energy (cooling) than the surrounding tissues. A non-invasive applicator is attached to the desired area. The applicator extracts energy from the underlying fatty tissue while simultaneously protecting the skin, nerves, muscles and other tissues. The cooled fat cells undergo apoptosis (controlled cell death), and the cells are gradually eliminated. This reduces the thickness of the fat layer.


During the treatment, the cooling process causes apoptosis of the fat cells. This leads to the release of cytokines and other inflammatory mediators. In the months following the procedure, inflammatory cells gradually break down the affected fat cells. Lipids are slowly released from the fat cells and are removed by the lymphatic system for processing, similar to the fat contained in food.

To support this process, the unclogging of the lymphatic pathways via weekly shockwave therapy is important. Since the lipids undergo a gradual degradation process, a dangerous change in blood lipids or liver function does not occur. 


The latest research shows that cryolipolysis in combination with radial shockwave therapy achieves 50 percent more fat cell reduction (circumference reduction) after
just 4 weeks  than cryolipolysis without shockwave therapy. Radial shockwave therapy therefore
plays a central part in any body forming treatment with cryolipolysis.

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Clinical studies and many practical treatments prove that in customers for whom the treatment is suitable, the cooling process leads to significant, measurable fat reduction within two to four months after the procedure. Two to four months after the initial treatment series, further procedures can be carried out to ensure an additional reduction in fatty tissue.

Finally there is a reliable, non-invasive method for permanent local fat loss – cryolipolysis works without surgery, without pain and without recovery time.

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