The patented Vital Injection mesogun system allows for vital substances (such as stem cells, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, lipolysis serums, anti-baldness serums and PRP preparations) to be painlessly and easily injected into the skin. This system represents the most advanced form of Mesotherapy and comes with a lightweight, comfortable handpiece and individual dosage settings.

The system’s unique feature is the patented painless injection of serums via a vacuum handpiece up to 5 mm depth. Precise control over the serum amount, needle depth, injection speed and vacuum strength allows for quick, accurate and painless treatment of the face and body.


The Greek prefix “meso” refers to the mesodermal origin of skin and connective tissue during human embryonic development. With pharmacologically active beauty cocktails, it offers fast, long-lasting and affordable solutions to many aesthetic aspirations. As a gentle anti-aging solution, it perfectly complements an active lifestyle. The objective is to counteract the aging process by improving skin quality, maintaining full hair and targeting small deposits of fatty tissue. 

In short, the goal is to erase the traces of time so that your outer appearance can match
your inner, younger self. Today, an attractive appearance is important for us in both private
and professional life – but of course we want to avoid an artificial look as much as possible.
For this reason, many prefer non-invasive treatment methods that are gentle and risk-free
and achieve natural-looking results


  • Skin rejuvenation of the face, neck, décolletage and hands

  • Wrinkle reduction on the face and body

  • Fat transfer

  • Autologous blood PRP therapy (vampire lifting)

  • Hair loss prevention

  • Lipolysis injection (under-eye bags, double chin, cellulite, etc.)


50 years ago, Dr. Michel Pistor, the founder of Mesotherapy, began performing the first anti-aging treatments for general and targeted revitalization. Following the motto: “a little, on occasion, in the right place,” he laid down the foundation for modern, minimally invasive aesthetic treatment procedures with his microinjections into the skin and connective tissue. Mesotherapy therefore combines the healing effects of physical stimuli on the skin and acupuncture points with the power of proven, pharmacologically-active cosmetic substances. This unique concept has since become well-established in many countries around the world, especially in the field of aesthetic medicine.


Real Mesotherapy is characterized by injections with needles that affect the local metabolism
of the skin and connective tissue. Treatment depths between 0.2 to 1 mm are effective.
Non-injection methods via ultrasound, phonophoresis or electroporation are also referred to as false Mesotherapy and do not achieve results comparable to those of hypodermic needle Mesotherapy. 


Active substances are individually combined to match your needs and often originate from naturopathy. The desired beauty result is achieved with a variety of natural ingredients (ginkgo, sweet clover, soy, algae) and biological substances (elastin, collagen, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, antioxidants and coenzymes). Gels containing hyaluronic acid or combinations of growth factors, enzymes and stem cells are used, as are anti-baldness serums like Bimatoprost and Finasteride and fat-dissolving serums like phosphatidylcholine (PPC) and Aqualix to counteract double chins, under-eye puffiness and cellulite.    


Local treatment of the skin eliminates the well-known problem of insufficient absorption and delivery of active ingredients to the intended treatment area when taking tablets. Moreover, the high doses found in tablets often cause unwanted side effects.

This is not the case with Mesotherapy: Here, micro-doses or even homeopathic ingredients tend to be used. At the same time, the effectiveness of ingredients is potentiated by physical stimulation of the skin through microinjections. The treated skin absorbs needed nutrients like a sponge and slowly releases them to the deeper layers via diffusion. This is referred to as a depot effect.

The risk of side effects in the body is significantly lower, as the connective tissue activates the metabolism of the substances so that very few of the active ingredients enter the bloodstream. The extracellular matrix, also called ground substance, plays a significant role in all aging processes. It surrounds all cells and ensures their supply with nutrients and oxygen as well as the disposal of waste products. In addition to healthy microcirculation (blood flow), this universal tissue is essential to the function and activity of skin, hair and connective tissue cells (fibroblasts, keratinocytes, melanocytes, adipocytes).

Strictly speaking, Mesotherapy is a matrix therapy that also has a favorable influence on overall immunological and neurovegetative regulation.


Once the foundation for lasting beautification (4 to 8 treatments) has been laid with Mesotherapy, just a few maintenance treatments per year often suffice to ensure continued success of the treatment. This particularly applies to skin rejuvenation and the treatment of hereditary baldness.


Modern multi-needle vacuum systems are virtually painless and can be tolerated even by pain-sensitive customers. In case of local, low-dose application to the surface, there are generally no effects on the body as a whole. The greater the quantity of the active ingredient, the more potent the substance and the deeper the injection, the more likely the occurrence of local and systemic side effects – e.g., redness, burning, muscle soreness and pressure sensitivity following lipolysis.


After 4 to 6 initial treatments, 3 treatments per year are often sufficient to maintain the result. Lipolysis Mesotherapy requires 2 to 4 treatments every 6 weeks. The dosage depends on the area. Hair loss Mesotherapy requires at least 4 treatments every 14 days. The same applies to PRP (platelet-rich plasma) Mesotherapy with autologous blood.


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